To clarify and quantify the so called “decline in fitness levels of today’s youth”

This is a 2007 secondary teachers’ sabbatical report. A longitudinal study traces the fitness levels of Year 9, 10, and 11 students at Hillcrest High School over the last 14 years. This study attempts to find out if there is a decline in fitness levels and to quantify it. The four tests used are cardio-vascular endurance, strength endurance, flexibility and agility. Hillcrest High School is Decile 9, with a current roll of 1500 students. The ethnic profile in 2007, was European 66%, Asian 20%, Māori/Pacific Island 12%, Other 2%. The overall results indicate that the students at Hillcrest High School are becoming less capable in cardiovascular endurance, strength endurance, and flexibility. The trends for these three tests are downward. The results from the agility test show two different trends. The author concludes that while the physical education programme at Hillcrest High School has always had an emphasis on improving the students’ physical ability in many areas, these results indicate that students at the school are still becoming less physically able. The authors considers the possible reasons for this.

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