Court User Survey

Court user survey 2012: Summary report
01 Jan 1970
Court User Survey 2014 Summary
01 Oct 2014
Court User Survey 2017 - A Summary of Findings
01 Jan 2016

This paper summarises the results of the Court User Surveys. The Ministry of Justice commissioned Colmar Brunton to conduct the survey, which is designed to measure user experience of, and satisfaction with, frontline services and facilities provided by the Ministry at court sites. The results are used to monitor and improve service delivery and facilities at courts.

Key Results

  • Overall satisfaction with services and facilities has not changed with 80% of survey respondents being satisfied in both 2014 and 2012.
  • For most service-related questions, court users were positive about their experience of using courts. There were high ratings for staff helpfulness, staff competence, staff doing what they said they would and perceptions of being treated fairly by staff (almost nine in ten respondents rated these measures positively).
  • Ratings for court facilities were also positive, but were generally lower (around seven in ten rated the facilities positively).
  • Most respondents felt safe at court (90%).
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