Evaluation of the Implementation of Investigative Interviewing Training and Assessment (Level 1)

Evaluation of the Implementation of Investigative …
01 Oct 2010

The 2008 NZ Police Investigative Interviewing strategy aims to improve investigative interviewing, the quality of investigations and professionalism of staff. Staff are trained in the PEACE interviewing framework and a competency framework for the accreditation of staff has been implemented.

This report presents findings of a process evaluation of implementation of Level 1 investigative interviewing. The evaluation focused on how the training and accreditation processes are being implemented, monitoring and supervision of interviews and improvements that could be made to these processes. The extent of the use of the framework, access to resources and perceptions of progress towards intended outcomes of the Investigative Interviewing strategy use of PEACE were also examined.

The evaluation findings are based on analysis of data collected from a number of sources, including in-depth interviews, focus groups, surveys, human resources data and background documentation.


This evaluation sought to determine:

• the effectiveness of the Level 1 investigative interviewing training and accreditation processes in preparing staff to use the PEACE framework

• any progress towards the intended outcomes of the investigative interviewing strategy

• whether the training and accreditation processes were delivered as intended and how these processes could be improved

• awareness of, and how to improve access to support and resources.  

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