Evaluation of Use of Force

Evaluation of Use of Force (pdf)
01 Dec 2001
Evaluation of Use of Force - Appendices (pdf)
01 Dec 2001

This review was requested by Deputy Commissioner S. E. Long on the basis that it was timely for the New Zealand Police to consider training, policy and practice issues surrounding the question of lethal force and Police response to critical incidents. It is recognised that our organisation needs to keep abreast of international best practice in the ever changing environment within which law enforcement agencies operate.

The current New Zealand Police approach to the application of both lethal and non lethal force has been compared to aspects of international best practice. The evaluation undertaken offers a strategic platform upon which to ensure alignment with international best practice and continuous improvement in both the training and operational environment.

Also central to this review, is the need to learn from all major operational incidents by way of timely and comprehensive debriefs (separate from the Police Complaints Authority and criminal investigations), for the benefit of training personnel and for ultimate implementation by Districts.

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