Heretaunga Tiaki Tamariki Project Outcome Evaluation - 2007

Heretaunga Tiaki Tamariki Project Outcome Evaluati…
01 Sep 2007

Heretaunga Tiaki Tamariki is a community youth programme aimed at reducing repeat offending of high-risk young people aged between 11 and 17 years, and is located in the Flaxmere Police Station. The report is the final evaluation of the HTT Project. It covers the period from programme inception on 10 February 2003 to 31 December 2005.

In 2002 Heretaunga Tiaki Tamariki project (HTT), based in Hastings was one of 14 community youth programmes selected nationally to reduce youth offending. The programme received $510,000 over three years. This outcome evaluation considers the effectiveness of HTT over three years, 2003-2005.

Key Results

This evaluation found:

• the success of the case plans was dependant on both the level of engagement by the client and the types of goals that were set.

• social and family environments are complex and the provision of holistic interventions is difficult.

• there is a need to clarify the client’s responsibility within case plans, particularly in relation to educational outcomes and the reduction of offending and seriousness of offending.

• overtime interagency collaboration improved and HTT had more visibility in the community.

• the programme was not able to demonstrate a reduction in offending and seriousness of offending.

A strength of HTT was being located in a local police station and the consequent relationships that were established. The programme also had qualified staff and comprehensive filing and review systems. However, there was room for HTT to promote greater client responsibility, and awareness of HTT as a programme within the community. More generally, the evaluation has noted that both Police and Ministry of Justice can improve their ongoing monitoring and support of community youth programmes, particularly in the initial implementation and training stages. 

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