Pasifika students, Pasifika cultural activities, and engagement with Pasifika families

Pasifika students, Pasifika cultural activities, a…
01 Jan 2018

The NZCER national survey of primary and intermediate schools 2016 included a number of questions that asked specifically about matters related to Pasifika students, Pasifika families, or Pasifika cultural activities at school. We have brought the responses to these questions together for researchers working in Pasifika education.

Key Results

  • Over two-thirds of teachers indicated they make a point of knowing which Pasifika culture each of their Pasifika students’ families identify with.
  • Thirty-seven percent of teachers had had professional learning in the previous 2–3 years that provided practical help with engaging Pasifika students, up from 27% in 2013.
  • Over a third of principals said their school’s strategic plan includes strategies for engaging Pasifika families, or that Pasifika home–school partnerships are working well.
  • Over half of the principals were using National Standards data to identify learning needs of their Pasifika students.
  • Seven percent of principals worked closely with local Pasifika language nests to ensure a good transition for their children into the school.
  • Five percent of principals said children from language nests could continue learning their language at the school.
  • Around a fifth of principals indicated they were unable to access the external expertise they needed to develop their implementation of reliable strategies to support Pasifika students’ learning.
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