Patient Experience Survey – Adult Inpatients - Evaluation – Proof of concept work stream

Patient Experience Survey – Adult Inpatients - Eva…
01 Jul 2014

The purpose of this evaluation is to review how the Proof of concept work stream performed against the key milestones and tasks, capture stakeholders’ experience of the work stream and list lessons learned i.e. things that went well and things that did not go well during the work stream.

Overall the work stream has been successful and an important part of the programme and national system development. Taking the time to complete a ‘Proof of concept’ has in fact enabled us to achieve a tight programme timeframe.

The work stream enabled the Methodology and Procedures document to be drafted and the National survey and reporting system requirements to be clearly articulated.

The participants in this work stream have given it positive reviews and felt that their views, issues and feedback was heard and is reflected in the subsequent information and documentation.

The preliminary privacy analysis during this work stream will be incorporated in the Privacy Impact report to be completed once the national system design is finalised.

The aim of the programme led by the Commission and jointly managed with the Ministry of Health, with input from the sector and consumers is to develop:

  • a nationally consistent model of patient experience indicators incorporating four key domains (communication, partnership, coordination, and physical and emotional needs) supported by additional questions
  • a national inpatient survey to be used by all DHBs quarterly that can be incorporated in existing local patient experience surveys
  • adopting pre-existing and validated tools, where possible
  • an approach consistent with international best practice, to allow New Zealand data to be compared with overseas results.

A Task and Finish group comprised of representatives from the Commission, the Ministry of Health policy team and the National Health Board has overseen the programme.

The programme consists of four key work streams which run concurrently to ensure rapid progress:

  1. Select and define indicators.
  2. Design and test the survey tool to develop a usable inpatient survey for DHBs.
  3. "Proof of concept" – testing implementation of the inpatient survey to confirm the tool will work as required within a defined system and criteria.
  4. Implement the survey tool – including developing the Methodology and Procedures, procuring and implementing a National inpatient survey and reporting system, and engaging with DHBs on the national requirements and system.

Work streams 1 and 2 are complete. This document evaluates work stream 3 - the Proof of concept.

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