Rebuilding Canterbury, healthy and safe | Evaluation of Worksafe's Canterbury Rebuild Programme

Rebuilding Canterbury, healthy and safe | Evaluati…
01 Oct 2017

This evaluation is intended to inform the next phase of WorkSafe’s focus on the Canterbury Rebuild and provide information for future interventions. The evaluation covered both the process and outcomes of the programme, addressed what the programme has achieved and how, and identified lessons that can be learnt. It also considered any unintended outcomes, both positive and negative, of the programme.


Key Evaluation Questions
There are three key evaluation questions for this evaluation. They are:
1. Was the programme implemented as intended?
2. Has the programme achieved its objectives?
3. Where should WorkSafe focus its future efforts?


The evaluation involved a documentation review; interviews and focus groups with industry members, WorkSafe staff, and a number of inspectors from New South Wales; and, an analysis of data from WorkSafe’s Health and Safety Attitudes and Behaviour (HSAB) survey. WorkSafe also commissioned a Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) which quantifies the impact of WorkSafe’s Canterbury Rebuild Programme. See Appendix A for a detailed description of the methods used.

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