State Sector Productivity - Related Reports

Efficiency and Performance in the New Zealand Stat…
01 Nov 2017
Health Care Homes: Early Evidence in Wellington
01 Oct 2018
History of Efficiency Measurement by the New Zeala…
01 Oct 2017
Taking stock of primary care innovation
01 Jun 2018
Staff perceptions of performance and effectiveness…
01 Oct 2017

These related reports informed the New Zealand Productivity Commission's inquiry Measuring and improving state sector productivity. The reports cover:

  • interviews with both current senior members of the state sector and former members (“wise heads”) with long and in-depth experience of New Zealand’s state sector.
  • a case study analysis of innovation in the NZ Health Care Home (HCH) initiative and investigate the impact of its implementation (in a large primary health organisation in NZ - Compass Health) on a wide array of health events.
  • the context in which attempts to measure efficiency/productivity by national health sector organisations, excluding the Accident Compensation Corporation, has occurred in the past 20 years.
  • taking stock of how the environment for primary care has developed since the introduction of the Primary Health Care Strategy in 2001. Focusing particularly on the extent to which the current take-up of the Health Care Home (HCH) as a new model of service delivery is illustrative of broader themes with respect to primary care innovation.
  • the work experiences of public servants across a number of different subsectors in the state sector: Education; Health (District Health Boards); Health (nonDistrict Health Boards); Justice (Operations); Justice (Law and Policy); Social Services; and what we classify as “Other” organisations in the State Sector.

Main report:

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