Evaluation of restorative practice - A positive behaviour for learning programme

Evaluation of restorative practice - A positive be…
31 May 2018

The Positive Behaviour for Learning Restorative Practice programme aims to build respectful, positive relationships within the school community. This programme was rolled out to 20 pilot schools in 2014 and was been regularly evaluated. This is the final major evaluation report for the programme and uses a mixed-methodology involving surveys of schools, interviews (with school staff and students), and analysis of administrative data to determine how well the programme is being implemented and what the outcomes for schools are.


The purpose of the report is to provide final feedback to the Ministry of Education on the implementation of Positive Behaviour for Learning Restorative Practice, and the impact that it is having. The lessons identified in the report are intended to support decision making in the Ministry about Restorative Practice and similar programmes. It is also expected that the report will be useful for the University of Waikato’s Institute of Professional Learning and the Uptake schools themselves, to support ongoing programme implementation and improvement.

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