Insights for Teachers: A profile of teachers who teach Year 7-10 students and their principals

Insights for Teachers: A profile of teachers who t…
01 Jul 2015

This brief presents the first analysis of the New Zealand TALIS data and concentrates on teacher and principal demographics. We are continuing our analysis of TALIS data, and will publish further information on topics such as teacher beliefs and practices and the role of school leaders.

34 countries and economies participated in TALIS 2013 and are included in the TALIS averages reported here. Alongside a small number of other countries, New Zealand participated in TALIS in November 2014.

In New Zealand these TALIS teachers come from a wide range of school types: full primary schools, intermediate schools, secondary schools, composite schools and others. The TALIS population of Year 7 – 10 teachers covers an estimated 22,170 teachers, approximately 50% of all teachers in 2013. These teachers were teaching in 773 schools, which is 30% of all state, state integrated, and private schools in New Zealand.

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