Audience Atlas New Zealand 2017

Audience Atlas New Zealand 2017
31 Mar 2018

This is a detailed survey of cultural audiences in New Zealand. The 2017 survey covers 40 artforms and over 600 individual arts, culture and heritage venues throughout the country. It measures lapsed, current and potential markets to provide detailed insight into New Zealand audiences.


Data collection method Respondents were recruited by Consumer Link and responded to an online questionnaire which was designed to be compared to both 2011 and 2014 data. In order to qualify to take part in the survey, respondents had to be aged 16 or over and live in New Zealand.

Weighting procedures Responses were weighted to be representative of the New Zealand population – based on Census data estimates. Weighting was conducted according to age band, gender, ethnicity and location.

Sample size 5014 (nationally)

Initial regional sampling was based on 2013 Census population estimates. Some organisations opted to boost the sample in certain regions. Any imbalance was corrected post-collection, with weighting methods applied so that the final sample matched the demographic breakdown of the New Zealand population.

Population estimates: For all three editions of Audience Atlas data cited in this report, real figure estimates have been generated using population estimates released by Stats NZ. The source for this data can be found here: http://nzdotstat.stats.govt. nz/wbos/Index.aspx?DataSetCode=TABLECODE7501. Please note that we deduct children, those not in the culture market and those in areas ‘outside regions’ before applying these estimates.

Reliability of findings Only a sample of the total ‘population’ was interviewed so we cannot be certain that the figures obtained are exactly those we would have found had every person been interviewed. However, for any percentage given, we can estimate confidence intervals within which the true values are likely to fall. The data for the national culture market has a confidence interval (margin of error) of +/-1.38% at 50% (ie, where the result is 50%, the actual result may fall between 48.62% and 51.38%).

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