Research into awareness and appreciation of regional television broadcasters

Research into Awareness and Appreciation of Region…
01 Sep 2009

Labett Research and Marketing was commissioned in June 2009 to conduct a study for the Ministry. The objective of the study is to provide audience input to the Ministry’s strategic advice to government on options for regional television broadcasters to convert to a digital television platform. 


The research methodology includes both qualitative and quantitative research. Eight focus groups were held, one in each location of; Auckland, Kaitaia, Whangarei, Hamilton, Palmerston North, Hawkes Bay, Christchurch, and Invercargill. All groups consisted of people who watch or have watched their regional channel at some stage. Most groups achieved a turn out of ten people and a good demographic mix.

A questionnaire was placed on two waves of omnibus surveys to achieve a sample of 1000 New Zealanders who as a population are geographically and demographically representative of New Zealand’s general public. The questionnaire was largely a repeat of the questionnaire used in 2003 for a similar study conducted for NZ On Air, however some additional questions are included. The quantitative findings from this 2009 study are compared in this report with the findings from the 2003 study.

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