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Te Taura Whiri I Te Reo Māori-Māori Language Commission

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The Māori Language Commission was set up under the Māori Language Act 1987 to promote the use of Māori as a living language and as an ordinary means of communication.

Whakanuia te Reo

Evaluation of te reo Māori in Englishe-medium compulsory educationThe purpose of the study for this report was to understand the actual and potential contribution of the...

Ki te tahatū o te rangi

Normalising te reo Māori across non-traditional Māori language domains In 2018, Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori (The Māori Language Commission) commissioned the New Zealand Work...

Tukua ki te Ao

Tukua ki te AoThis cross-sectorial study investigates the use of te reo Māori in three types of organisations (local council, secondary schools and companies) with the...