CoREs and effect

CoREs and effect (pdf)
01 Feb 2013
CoREs and effect (doc)
01 Feb 2013
This report analyses the performance of the Centres of Research Excellence (CoREs) across five dimensions – the impact of the CoRE’s on the New Zealand economy and society, research quality, research collaboration, the academic impact of research and knowledge transfer.

Key Results

  • the work of the CoREs has had wide-ranging impacts on New Zealand’s society and economy
  • the nature of the impact varies between CoREs, and ranges from commercialisation of the results of CoRE research, to public health initiatives, improved biosecurity, better management of New Zealand’s natural environment, and social change
  • the quantity and quality of research outputs in each CoRE have increased, evidenced by improvements in bibliometric measures
  • collaboration between researchers has increased, as evidenced by growth in co-authorship networks
  • public outreach programmes that go beyond those normally undertaken by universities have lifted the profile of and interest in science among young people and have influenced national debates.
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